Air Pollution Concerns at Sports Centers

When you go to the gym, you don’t mind the quality of the air you breathe because you are not aware of its importance for an overall health condition. However, air pollution is a fact and it affects indoor air as well, especially the air in crowded places like a gym. Discover below which are the air pollution concerns at sports centers and the best solutions for these problems.

Air impurities wandering in the air

Sports centers are visited by hundreds of people, being among the most crowded places. This also means that the air in here is not as clean as it should be, given that every person coming here leaves numerous air contaminants from sweat to dust to carbon dioxide. All the fitness equipment in the gym creates heat and collects dust that alters the quality of the breathing air, not to mention all the dust collected in the carpets and mattresses. At a very close look, you will notice that the air in sports centers is highly polluted and this can affect the health of people coming here.
All the air contaminants can be removed using one device that can filter the air and increase the indoor air quality. We are referring to the air purifier that can absorb up to 99.9% of the impurities existing in the air. Dust mites, hair and dander, bacteria, and germs wandering in the air are no match for the absorbing power of the air purifier that can clear any concern regarding air pollution at sports centers.

Increased air humidity that favors mold

Mold is a serious concern in sports centers because if the high levels the air humidity can reach. People working out and sweating, the showers, the humid sports equipment, they all contribute to increasing the air humidity. Mold spores thrive in humid areas and chances are the gym you are going to has mold problems that you don’t notice. Once mold develops, it rapidly spreads in the air and affects the objects, the walls, and floors in the room. People who work out should not inhale mold spores as these can cause serious health problems like asthma, breathing difficulties, allergies, and even lung infections.
The increased air humidity problem has only one efficient solution and it is the dehumidifier that absorbs the excessive air moisture and keeps the air at the gym free of mold spores. Large dehumidifiers can handle large sports centers so people going to the gym will not be affected by mold and mildew. In case you wonder how fast does a dehumidifier work, you must know that it depends on the size of the room and how much humidity the device needs to absorb. All in all, every sports center should have a dehumidifier to handle the excess air humidity often found in crowded places.