Best Stretches and Exercises to Do Early Morning in Bed

In the morning, your energy levels are ceiling-high so you should take advantage of this and start exercising so you will get the best results. If you try some bed exercises, you won’t even have to get out of bed or get dressed for exercising. Check out our stretches and exercises for a morning workout and try them tomorrow when you weak up.

The bridge

For this exercise, you will need a good mattress that will support your body weight without changing it shape or making your lose balance. Your palms and feet must support your boy as if you were standing on the floor so you will need a firm and quality mattress that won’t crumble under your weight. Lay on your back with your legs spread shoulder width and rotate your hands to your back until your palms sit on the bed. Slowly raise your hips until your body is supported by your palms and feet only and remain like that for a few seconds then slowly come back on the mattress.

Hands stretching

Sit in bed with your legs crossed and your butt in the mattress. Raise your hands and bring your palms together with the fingers crossed then slowly bend your body to the left and to the right while keeping the hands straight. Pause your body on each side and take a deep breath then lean the body to the other side. You can also rotate your body to the left and to the right to release the tension in your muscles after a night’s sleep.

Side rotating

In the same standing position with our legs crossed, bring your body to the front with your hands stretched. Rotate your body to transfer the weight to your left hand then to the right hand while keeping your legs and butt in the same position. A firm mattress will help you keep your legs and back in the right position while swaying to the left and to the right.

Knee bending

For this exercise, you will need to sit on your back with your legs extended. Gently pull one knee toward your chest and keep it there for a few seconds while slowly pointing the other knee to the opposite side of your body. This will add some stretching to the exercise and will have your body moving.