Easy Pre and Post Workout Meal Ideas

As you certainly know by now, the best way to lose fat and gain muscles is to follow a healthy diet and an exercise routine. Nevertheless, in order to sustain your efforts, you have to focus more on pre and post workout meals. As a fact, these two meals are the most important meals of the day because if you work out because they can help you enhance the body’s natural ability to sustain the physical effort. In order to help you spend less time preparing such meals, we’ve gathered some easy pre and post workout meal ideas.

Pre Workout Meals

The main purpose of pre-workout ideas is to prepare the body for the  large amount of pressure and stress that it will be submitted to. Due to the fact that the body uses up all of its stored energy during physical exercises, it will start converting carbohydrates into energy. Therefore, pre-workout meals should include proteins and carbohydrates in order to maximize the body’s muscle building potential. Furthermore, in order to be sure that the body has enough time to process the nutrients, it’s best to eat the meals at least an hour before you start exercising. Here are some easy meals that you can prepare before your workout session.

Eggs and Toast

If you are hungry, you can easily boil 1 or 2 eggs and eat them with a slice of whole-wheat toast.

Protein Creamsicle

For this meal, you have to blend 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1 cup of orange juice and 1 cup of ice. Besides the fact that is very delicious, this meal is also recommended by some fitness experts.

Rice Con Leche

Boil half cup of rice in the microwave, cover it with a half cup of milk and add some raisins. If you like, you can enhance the flavor with a dash of cinnamon right on top.

Healthy Salad

If you want to eat a healthy salad, then you can easily mix salad greens with veggies and a hard boiled egg. Then add a low-fat dressing made of extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.

Post Workout Meals

The post-workout meal is even more important because after an intense workout your muscles need to regain their strength. Therefore, is very important to eat the right meals. Again, carbohydrates and proteins are necessary for helping the body begin the healing by itself. Carbohydrates are necessary for replenishing the fuel sources and proteins are very good for promoting muscle repair and strengthening. Let’s see the easiest meals you can prepare after the workouts.

Protein Pancakes

For this recipe, you need to mix 4 eggs white with a half cup of rolled oats, half cup of low-fat cottage cheese, a little bit of baking powder and some pure vanilla extract. Then you have to cook them on the preheated griddle until it bubbles. You can top the pancakes with bananas, strawberries or whatever fruits you like.

Pwo Muscle Oats

Mix in a bowl half cup of rolled oats with 2 tablespoons of flax seed meal and 1 ½ cups of milk and microwave for about 2 minutes. Stir the mixture and then microwave again for 2 minutes. You can add blueberries if you like.

Black Bean Omelet

In order to prepare this omelet, you need four eggs whites, 1 ounce of low-fat cheese and ¼ cup of canned black beans. If you like to spice it up, you can add some sharp sauce.

Turk-cado Pasta

For this meal, you need 2-4 ounces of roasted turkey and 3 avocado slices. Mix these ingredients with half a cup of cooked whole-wheat pasta and enjoy the delicious taste.