Effective Ways of Building Muscle Mass

A lot of people dream of having the perfect body, working hard on building muscle mass in order to look good when summer comes and the clothes come off at the beachside. If you want to learn some effective ways of building muscle mass to look perfect, read the following lines.

Protein rich diet

A big part of any muscle building routine is the diet that you follow. For fast results, add 500 calories to the number of calories that you should normally consume. Also, make sure that your diet is rich in protein. To consume the proper amount of protein daily, you should ensure that you take in about one gram of protein per pound of body weight.

Another important aspect of a muscle building diet is the number of meals per day. The ideal situation is for you to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day, focusing on consuming a lot of proteins and carbs with each meal. This will give you a much-needed metabolism boost that will help build muscle mass and lose fat.

Focus on shocking your muscles into growth

For your muscles to grow in order to build muscle mass, you must limit to doing between 6 and 12 reps per set, and you must not exceed 12 sets per muscle group either. Also, when you train you must use heavier weights and try to control your speed during each rep in order to lose a maximum of 70 seconds per set. This will tense your muscles long enough for them to get shocked into growth, achieving the desired results faster.

Include full-body exercises

To stimulate muscle growth effectively, you must ensure a high hormone release while training. This can be done only by involving as many muscles as possible in your training session. Make sure that you use the same volume of weights for each muscle group when you train. By doing this, you ensure a balanced training and a harmonious growth of the muscles. This will help you avoid injuries and you will preserve your flexibility better as well.

Wear weighted clothing while working out for fast results

No matter what workout routine you go through, it’s mandatory for you to wear weighted clothing if you want to build muscle mass fast. The weighted clothing that you must wear every time you exercise includes weighted gloves, ankle weights, and a weighted vest. The added resistance of these items will make your workouts more challenging, putting additional pressure on your muscles for them to grow harmoniously.