How to Be a Great Basketball Coach

A sports coach is a great profession for people who are passionate about certain sports. To be a great coach you need a solid foundation in your chosen sport, but you also need dedication and a passion for working with young athletes. There are many children and teenagers who become athletes because they like a certain sport, but with time they realize that they gain so much more than just sport skills. They gain discipline, motivation, friends and much more. So there’s a lot of moral responsibility that comes from coaching a team, but there are also other factors to take into account. In what follows, we will give you a few tips on how to be a great basketball coach.

Inspire your players with moral values

If you want to train star players, you must teach them about the importance of a few moral values. Sportsmanship should be your main focus, and this value goes hand in hand with respect. The players must respect not only themselves, but also their coach, their team members as well as the members of any opposing team. They must learn to behave with dignity, whether they win or lose. Moreover, in order to have top results, it is important for them to master teamwork and to learn how to have a possible attitude. The world of sports is very tough and it can be very discouraging, especially for young players. It is your job to teach them how to pick themselves up and go on no matter what.

Innovative thinking

In order to be a great coach, you must always keep an open mind in all matters. Try to find new ways to train your team and work together to develop new strategies. Moreover, try to always find a budget for keeping the training area in top condition. If your school doesn’t have the budget for this, you must think outside the box. For example, you could buy a couple of scoring tables and try to get some advertising deals from local business owners. The scoring tables will pay for themselves in a few months and after that, they can become a constant source of revenue that can be used to finance gymnasium renovations or training camps for the players.

Practice and strategies

When it comes to practice, try to make it clear that the purpose is not to win but to learn. Basketball is a fun game and your players should see it as that. Let them have fun when they play, but also when they compete. Moreover, try to develop individual skills through common games like dribble knockout. As far as strategies go, try to keep things simple instead of confusing your team with complicated systems. Basic strategies that contain no more than 3 or 4 actions are often the most effective ones. Focus on mastering the basics such as simple transition offense, where the players must core a lay-up without dribbling in less than 5 seconds, or a teamwork-ball movement where everyone must make a pass before anyone gets to shoot.

As you can see, being a coach involves a lot of responsibilities and it often requires you to go outside your comfort zone. This means that sometimes you have to have a business mind, like when you decide to buy a scoring table so that you can raise some revenue for your team; or it can mean that sometimes you must talk to your players and help them deal with personal problems. Always remember that your team looks up to you, and you are responsible not only for their skills, but also for their overall well being.