How to Prevent Post Workout Sleeplessness

Working out consumes your body’s energy and prepares it for a restful sleep but in some cases, it can cause insomnia if you exercise too close to bedtime. Luckily, you can get rid of post workout sleeplessness if you know how to handle your muscle soreness and induce a feeling of sleepiness.

Take a hot bath

After you come home from a workout, your muscles are likely to feel sore and painful and it’s impossible for you to sleep unless do you something to relax your body. A hot bath can help your body cool down and get ready to sleep as it will lower the core temperature and induce a state of sleep. The hot water will soothe the muscles and get rid of the tension experienced during workouts so you will manage to fall asleep faster and enjoy a restful sleep.

Sleep on a bamboo pillow

Your sleeplessness can be worsened by the sleeping environment and mostly by the items you sleep on, like the pillow. An uncomfortable pillow will keep you awake and will not be able to relax your sore muscles so a comfy bamboo pillow could be just what you need to fall asleep at night. The foam in the bamboo pillow takes the shape of your head and neck so you will enjoy a comfortable sleeping position. Also, it will maintain a constant temperature so you won’t feel hot during the night and there will be no reason for you to wake up feeling tired.

Listen to a sound machine

Many people try the sound machine after a workout because it can help them relax and fall asleep faster at night. Post workout sleeplessness can be driven away by the soothing sounds created by the sound machine that induces a feeling of relaxation and calms all your senses. The sound machine makes the brain feel more relaxed which leads to an overall calming feeling and a restful sleep.

Have a midnight snack

A protein snack before going to sleep will keep you full without giving you stomach aches and will offer your body the necessary nutrients to recover after the intense workout. It’s best to avoid agitating foods that contain sugar or caffeine and go for low-fat snacks filled with carbs and proteins. You can try whole-grain bread with peanut butter, some chocolate milk, or crackers and cheese.