The Correct Way of Using the Rowing Machine

The design of the rowing machine is not very complicated and using it shouldn’t raise problems. Still, not knowing the correct way of rowing could temper with the results you get from your workouts so it’s important for you to know how you use this fitness equipment the right way.

Place your buttocks on the seat

When you sit down on the rowing machine, keep your body centered with your rear bones on the seat and the top of your hamstrings on the edge of the seat. Many people tend to bring their hamstrings on the seat thinking that this will offer them balance but, in fact, it will bring them to close to the front during a stroke.

Secure your feet into position

The rowing machine has two pedals with straps that will hold your feet in place while you exercise. Your feet must be comfortably placed on the pedals with the straps tight enough so they won’t slip. Keep in mind that the straps will become loose as you row so you must adjust them a little tighter in the beginning.

Get a good grip of the handle

The handle of your rowing machine is what will help you propel your body back and forth and to avoid any accident, you must get a good grip with both hands on each side of the handle. The grip shouldn’t be tight, but firm so the handle won’t slip and your wrists will be comfortable during a full stroke. Put your hands on the handle shoulder width apart and keep them like that.

Bent to the back

When you start rowing, bend slightly to the back so you will stay balanced and the pressure on your core muscles will not be too intense. If you keep your back straight instead of bent, the lower back muscles will struggle to keep you on the rowing machine and you will experience back pain.

Pull the handle and push your legs

A complete stroke means pushing your body to the back and letting it come to the front and for this, you will need to use your legs and your hands. Your legs will propel you to the back as your arms will pull the handle to allow the rowing machine to offer resistance. Pull your arms towards your body so they will reach your breast area as you lean backwards. When your hands will be close to your body, your legs should be straight.