The Pros and Cons of Cardio and Strength Training

No matter if you want to focus on doing only cardio or strength exercises, or you want to combine them during your daily workout routine, you must first understand all their pros and cons. This way you ensure that the training you go with benefits your health, and that you will be pleased with the results of the training sessions. To find out the pros and cons of cardio and strength training, read the following lines. The information that you will find here will surely help you decide what type of training is best for you.

Pros and cons of cardio training

The most well-known health benefit of cardio training is that it reduces the risk of chronic health conditions. Regular cardio workouts have been proven to aid in the prevention of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Another important health benefit that comes with doing regular cardio training is the treatment of chronic mental illnesses. Regular cardio workouts help relieve stress, they improve your overall mood, and they keep depression at bay.

Of course, your weight will benefit from cardio training as well. By doing 20-30 minutes of cardio exercises on a daily basis, you will burn calories very fast, losing a lot of weight in the process. This means that you won’t have to worry about health issues associated with obesity, leading a better quality life.

Unfortunately, cardio training comes with some unpleasant cons as well. The most unpleasant con of this type of training is that it leads to the atrophy of muscle mass. Of course, this occurs only if you overdo it, doing cardio workouts for more than 1-2 hours every day. To prevent your body from using the muscles as a form of energy, you must monitor the caloric expenditure and eat properly.

Another con of cardio training is that it leads to certain types of overuse injuries. For example, running puts a lot of pressure on the joints. This can lead to arthritis and stress fractures. Other conditions that will occur if you don’t do cardio workouts responsibly are tendonitis and bone spurs.

Pros and cons of strength training

Due to the fact that you have to use heavy weights when you workout, strength training helps increase bone mass and muscle mass more effectively. Therefore, you will have the bulky and strong body that you dream of very fast by doing strength workouts.

Doing strength workouts on a regular basis will help burn calories without affecting muscle mass as well. Of course, this depends on the intensity of the workout that you perform. But if you want to lose body fat fast without losing muscle mass, it’s easy to achieve this if you do intense strength training.

The high release of endorphins that occurs during strength workouts can help boost your mood, lowering stress and preventing depression. Therefore, whenever you need to clear your mind, do 20-30 minutes of strength training.

Inevitably, strength training has its downfalls. The scariest con of this type of training is that it exposes you to a lot of dangerous injuries. Of course, this will happen only if you don’t do the exercises correctly. Therefore, to make sure that you won’t succumb to injury while training, it’s best that you hire a personal trainer.

Another great risk of strength training is that it can aggravate certain conditions. What you should do to prevent this from happening is to go to a doctor and get a physical examination. This will help you identify any contradictions between your state of health and the exercises that you intend to perform.